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“My son is very adamant and not obedient” is the lamentation of a father. This asana is also a pose of fixity. If this is correctly done the body will not shake. It is possible to sit on this Asana for long duration.






  1.     Spread a blanket.
  2.     Sit on it in the normal way.
  3.     Bending both the legs, place both heels just below the buttocks.
  4.     In this position the calf muscles and thighs will be touching.
  5.     Place the hands on the knee cap.
  6.     The foot may have some pain in the early stage but gradually the pain will go away.
  7.     The entire weight of the body is on the heels.

Fruit of Asana

Digestion power is much increased. Nervous system gets new vigour. The beginning portion of Nadi gets nourishment. By sitting erect the internal organs are not pressed and are in their normal positions. Wind trouble in the stomach will be cured.