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It is said many saints acquired super natural powers by sitting in this asana. Perhaps on account of this the name has been given as such. “Siddhi” means super natural power. Stout persons find this asana easy.


  1. Spread a blanket four folded.
  2. Sit over it in the usual way.
  3. Place the heel of one leg just below the anus.
  4. Place the heel of the other leg below the generative organs. See that the regenerative organs are not pressed.
  5. In this pose the joints of the two heels will be just touching each other.
  6. By a continued practice for a fortnight or so it will be easy.
  7. The hands may be placed in chin mindra style.
  8. Then come to the original position.

Fruit of Asana

One can conveniently sit in this pose for longer time. This asana will help to keep up brahmacharya. Because sitting is erect the internal organs are not pressed and they are kept in their natural positions. 

Note: Ladies need not do this Asana. There is a another variety under this with some slight modification. The hands are joined as we do “Namaskar” (a form of welcome). This pose is taken to seek boons and blessings. This is known asthamasana as described in writing.