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In the previous asana the back bone was given a backward twist. In this asana it is given a forward twist. This a difficult asana for stout persons with big belly. There is a proverb. “Rome was built in a day”. Hence patience and continued practice is essential to get perfection in this asana. Some lean persons can learn in a fortnight training, while some others may take even a month period.


  1.     Spread a soft blanket.
  2.     Sit on it in the usual way.
  3.     Stretch both the legs forward without bending.
  4.     Bend the body in the forward direction taking the hands towards the toes.
  5.     Catch hold of the toes with the fingers.
  6.     Though this is easily said it is very difficult to do. In the early stages in bringing the hands towards the toes there will be a wide gap. It may not be    possible to catch the toes. In this case, the legs can be slightly bent to enable to catch the toes. Then gradually the legs can be in a straight position.
  7.     Come to the original position slowly.
  8.     Breathe slowly during Asana time.
  9.     It is enough that, a few seconds, period in this asana be practiced.

Fruit of Asana

Several wonderful results are got. Persons having big belly will develop a trim figure in due course. Liver, spleen will function normally. Piles is also cured. Diabetes can be cured in due course. One great personality has described that Sirasasana, Sarvangasana and Pachimothasana are the three great boons given to us by the ancient Rishes.