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The word “Dhanur” means a bow. If this asana is done correctly it will look like a bow. In this connection a clarification from Astrology seems relevant. For the sign Dhanur (Sagittarius), the Lord is Guru (Brahaspati). This house or Rasi, (as technically known) is considered a special beneficial sign.

Further in Gita we find Lord Krishna’s words as, “Among the twelve months I am the month of Dhanur.” (This period is between the middle of December to the middle of January). So much greatness goes with this name. Hence this asana is great induced.


  1. Spread a blanket folded length wise.
  2. Lie down on it facing the ground.
  3. Place both hands on sides as usual.
  4. Slowly bend the legs evenly without bearing space between the knee caps.
  5. Catch hold of the toes with the fingers raising the head also.
  6. It will be seen that by this the backbone is given a fine curve.

Stout persons may find it difficult. For them leaving a space between the knee will enable them to catch the toes. By continuous practice the space will be minimized.

Fruit of Asana

This asana gives many benefits. Indigestion, hunch back, Rheumatism, Pain in elbow joints and Palm joints will be cured. Gastro intestinal troubles will also be cured.

There is still a difficult pose, as catching hold of alternate toes.