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Yoga dvd for Eye Problems

Yoga dvd for Eye Problems This DVD contains Pranayams, Yog assanas, Acupressure and Home remedies for eyes.

Treatment through yog, Ayurveda, Acupressure and home remedies for glaucoma, cataract, night-blindness, double-vision, allergy, myopia, hypermetropia, dry eyes, excessive watering and problems related to cornea and retina.

For the first time in the world, under the guidance of his holiness Swami Ramdev Ji, it has been established through scientific documentation that defects of vision and cataract can be cured without surgery. This DVD helps to cure eye diseases (eye sight etc.) and provides guidance to live with healthy eyes throughout life.

If you want to prevent the prospect of your children wearing spectacles, then follow the advice contained in this DVD.

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