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Yoga dvd for Cancer

Yoga dvd for Cancer Every year , nearly sixty lacs or even more human are being died of cancer, around the world.This DVD presents an exrtact of the results and observations,that is obtained from the treatments, researches and medical practices on thousands of cancer patients, for the benefit of human beings.

This DVD contains methods to cure cancer through Yoga, pramayama,Ayurvedic treatments and Acupressure.

Thousands of patients sufferring from cancer have been successfully treated by combined effect of yoga and Ayurvedic medication. Patient's reports and documents are proof of this.

Though patients are being treated through radiation, allopathic medication , chemotherapy and operation, but they are not fully cured. Patients are being died and their family is being burdened by expensive treatments. Appeoximately 80-90 % people are being reinfected.

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