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Within the compounds of the ashram there is a cow pen housing several high pedigreed Indian cows. In our Vedic culture and tradition, cows' milk is considered pure nectar. The cow is the form of a mother for she not only provides us milk but has the nature and qualities of a loving and benign mother. The ghee used daily in yajnas is retrieved from this gaushala.

The more presence of cows around shall ward of many ailments; the touch and contact of one increases our vision and betters the eyesight. Every part of a cow, from its pure milk to its urine has healing and beneficial qualities.

The mission for the preservation, improvisation and manufacture of medicines requires cow milk, cow urine, dung, and the mission to preserve the Indian breed of cattle for the service of cow and protect its breed, is going since long time in the ashram. Now in Patanjali Yoga Pith this is being given a broader look, in which thousands of cows will be taken care of. The dung obtained from this will be used as compost manure or bio-technical manure so that the food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk can be available which would be free of chemical fertilizers. Biogas will be manufactured from dung with which the daily needs of ashram will be fulfilled. The domestic breed of these cattle will be used to increase the cattle breed so that the cows can be respected and protected.