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Brahmkalp Chikitsalya

In Brahmakalp Hospital along with Shatkarma, Ayurvedic Panchkarma (massage, fomentation, vomiting, evacuation of the bowels, basti), herbs and shrubs and essence - chemical based Ayurvedic medicines, diet, digestion-indigestion, balanced celibacy and seasonal routine and daily routine are taught comprehensively and old and new diseases are cured. Acupressure, Yoga, and Asana, Pranayam, natural therapy training is being given free of cost and at very low costs for those who are unable to purchase these medicines due to insufficient funds.

Serious incurable diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, asthma, obesity, acidity, allergy, ulcer, cervical spondalitis, sciatica, arthritis, cancer (first and second stage) and others are cured without operation.

In the process of giving an extensive form to Brahma Kalp Hospital in Patanjali Yogapeeth, a residential hospital is also being created so that the patient can get admitted for treatment.

Respected Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj says that we should all try that no disease should attack us.

Even if it happens we should first adopt Yoga and try to improve with it. Even if we have to take medicine we should give priority to Ayurvedic medicines because they are associated with our land, culture and nature and are totally harmless. For this purpose it is necessary to have the medicines manufactured in specialized manner at Divya Pharmacy containing quality medicines, therefore in order to facilitate cheap and qualitative medicines Divya Yoga Mandir Trust has established Divya Pharmacy in the ashram premises, where medicines are manufactured in pure, qualitative manner, according to the classical principles using self experience of Yoga, ash, mud, gold, essence, chemical, guggul, powder, globule, extractions, decoctions, ghee, oil, iron etc. We are fully trying to see that the medicines manufactured should be pure, according to the classics and of high quality.

Along with this we are providing these medicines at very low prices to the mankind so that they can avail these medicines easily. We are able to manufacture the medicines in limited quantity only, many times the people are disappointed due to non-availability of the medicines. Therefore, a plan is being finalized to expand the Divya Pharmacy as early as possible, so that your requirements can be fulfilled.