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Future Plan


  1. Beginning of arduous construction work of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge based Medical       Research Institute (Pantanjali Yog-Peeth) on approx. three hundred acres of land at Haridwar       as well as Delhi.

  2. Determination to arrange free medical consultation to approximately five thousand patients       suffering from complicated and incurable diseases in the out patient department of Patanjali       Yog-Peeth on daily basis.

  3. An enormous project of arranging residential facility for Yogic Devotion, Treatment, Ayurvedic       Karma, Yogic Satha Karma treatment for approximately five thousand patients.

  4. A target to arrange research study on the impact of Yoga, Pranayam and Yagya on different       systems of the human body.

  5. To set up the biggest medicinal herbal garden of the world, in which the divine medicines       almost on the verge of extinction, will be collected and planted with germ-plasm progression       method and arrangements will be made for detailed research and invention of constituents and       uses of medicinal plants. The target is to set up a world class pharmacy, equipped with ultra       modern apparatuses, to prepare quality and pure medicines, which will include the       Pharmacological and Clinical study of medicinal matters.

  6. An enormous Drug Testing Laboratory will be set up for the Standardization of Ayurvedic       medicines.

  7. 'Yoga Peeth' will have its own huge farmland for the agricultural products through Biological       fertilizers. There will be arrangement for (detailed) extensive research work for the production       of harmless food-grains in it.

  8. There will be a large cowpen in the 'Peeth' for the availability of cow-milk, cow-ghrita (clarified       butter) and research will be done on five medicinal substances (matters) produced by the cow.       Also a project to multiply the number of cows of Indian breed will be translated into reality.

  9. A huge publication department will be set up in the Yoga Peeth for collection and publication of       copious literature on Yog, Veda, Ayurveda etc.

10. There will be a huge Publicity and Public Relations department equipped with modern       computers and other apparatuses, which will apprise the people of latest researches and       activities being carried out in the Yoga-Peeth.

11. There will be a catering department to arrange pure, balanced and simple food for patients,       devotees, researchers, saints and dedicated servants.

      The residential facility will be provided to the visitors, scholars, saints, volunteers and       researchers in the Yoga Peeth with a pollution free environment endowed with natural beauty.