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Divya Yoga Mandir

Divya Yog Mandir started its humble beginnings as the Kripalu Bagh Ashram at Kankhal in the year 1932 by Bramhaleen Revered Swami Kripalu ji Maharaj. It was the same place where the great patriots like Shri Rashbihari Bose had taken shelter during their operations for freedom movement. Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj from this place published “Vishwa Gyan”, voice of freedom a monthly magazine. 

The trust came into existence with a start of a hospital named ‘Brahmakalp Chikitsalaya’ where people are cured using Ayurvedic medicines, Acupressure technique, Yog and Aasan practices. A team of ayurvedic doctors is round the clock diagnosing the patients and giving them the treatment. To nurse the increasing number of patients

, OPD (Patanjali Yogpeeth) is coming up at Dayanand Gram Bahadarabad, Distt. Hardwar. Around 5000 patients will be able to get treatment everyday.

The present trust was formed by Swami Shankar Dev ji Maharaj with president H.H. Yogiraj Swami Ramdev ji and secretary Acharya Balkrishanji and Aacharya Karamveer ji and others, who are well known in India for their work on Yog and Ayurveda by organizing massive Yog camps in different parts of the country successfully. These programs are regularly telecasted by T.V. channels Aastha, Sadhana and Sanskar everyday. The estimation of beneficiaries is difficult; in the Hardwar Ashram thousands of patients are reaching every day to get treatment from different parts of the country and getting relief by using the medicines prepared by Divya Pharmacy. Besides it, hundreds of letters from every part of the country arrive for medicines. 

Divya Pharmacy located at present in the premises of the trust, is not able to meet with the demands and needs of the patients. Till today, medicines are sold / distributed from the present Kankhal Ashram. The existing set up of manufacturing of medicines is using the traditional mode of ‘Bhatti’ for preparation of medicines. 

The quality of products are being appreciated everywhere. Various distributors and traders all over the country are approaching the pharmacy to provide them with the medicines to be sold in the market. Hence to remove the social distress, it has been decided to shift pharmacy to a new site where drugs can be manufactured in a more scientific manner in large required quantities.