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Acharya Muktanand Ji

Educational Background:
Graduate with Physics, Chemistry and Maths (Hons.) from Calcutta University, Kolkata. Post Graduate from Gurukul Kalwa, Haryana, in Sanskrit. A scholar in Sanskrit Grammar and Vedas.

Work Profile:
Mainly involved in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicines at the Ashram pharmacy. Right from preparation of herbs for the medicine, taking extract out of them and making tablets after drying; the whole process is carried out under his supervision. At no stage, neglect on the part of workers is allowed. He is also working for the research activities going on in the ashram laboratories to find Ayurvedic alternatives for the existing drugs. 
Under his guidance, many learnéd Grammarians have evolved. 

He is keenly interested in the study of Vedas, Sanskrit Grammar and India's culture and spiritualism. As a person, he is of shy nature, never coming into limelight but is a storehouse of Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs. In conjunction with another scientist, a herbal garden is proposed under him to be established on a vast land adjoining Patanjali Yogpeeth.