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Acharya Balkrishan Ji

Acharya Balkrishna JiActively involved in Ayurvedic treatment and research work in the ashram. Relieving thousands of patients from the ailments of body, mind and soul, this man is a shining star amongst the galaxy of other saints. He has practised tremendous austerities in the caves of Himalayas in the 90's along with Swami Ramdev ji and explored almost extinct varieties of Astavarga plants which are the main components of Chayavanprash, an ayurvedic tonic.

These astvargya plant species had been in oblivion because of lack of any proper written details in old records of various "Nighantu" books. He has reproved the necessity of research to revive the astavarga therapy for the benefit of mankind. Revival of many high altitude, rare species of medicinal plants like Jatamansi, Katuki, kur et al is his objective. 

One of the pioneers of the country who has developed a permanent drug treatment for almost incurable ailment like: high blood pressure, his thrust area of work is upliftment of traditional medicines through modern and scientific methods. Working round the clock, he is not only providing relief to the patients he meets but also through the voluminous mails he receives daily. His sentimental concern with the patients and his constant inhalation to them on the spiritual path has made him won hearts of millions of souls that visit the ashram premises. Under his esteemed guidance, a team of 80 doctors has been formed with the mission to serve the humanity in Brahmkalp Chikitsalaya, under Divya Yog Mandir Trust, Hardwar. His hands, work miracles, using acupressure techniques on patients.


Acharya Balkrishna JiEducational Background:

Post Graduate from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishvavidhalaya, Varanasi, in Sankhya Yog, Ayurveda and Pranayama Yog. 
Studied 'Panninie Vyakaran' along with Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Vedas and Upanishads. Delved deep into the recesses of 'Charak Samahitya', 'Ashtang Hriday', 'Bhaysajya Ratnavali' and other such Ayurvedic compositions under Acharya Baldev ji in Gurukul Kalwa, Haryana.

Acharya Balkrishna JiVision:

His vision is to develop a centre on International level where a holistic approach will be adopted for alternative medicines along with new research findings. Major thrust will be given to find promising alternative drugs for diseases cosidered incurable like AIDS and Cancer. Till date, many positive results have been produced on his experimental techniques. Adopting ancient herbal therapeutic drugs for treatment is much more effective with almost no side effects.

Other interests: 

Naturalistic Photography is part of the many interests of this multifarious personality. Many books like 'Aushadh darshan', 'Jeevaniya and Vayasthapan Paudhe' and 'Vedic Nityakarma Vidhi' owe credit to him. Another work on completion by a team of scientists headed by him is 'Divya Aushadhiya, Sugandhit evam Saundaryavaran Paudhe'. Having keen observation and high aesthetic taste, he designs the things right from a small 'kuti' or Yajna Shala in Ashram to the Infrastructure of Hospital, Patanjali Yogpeeth.